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Shri Chtrapur Math SHRI CHITRAPUR MATH®, Shirali

Our Story

The Parijnan Foundation® is a religio-social initiative undertaken by Shri Chitrapur Math® (Shirali, Uttar Kannada, India) and the Shri Chitrapur Math Charitable Trust to create and support projects, research programmes and institutions in the vital fields of education, medical care, rural welfare, uplift of the poor and several other areas of public utility, on a no-profit basis to promote peace and co-existence and for the benefit of society at large, caste, class no bar. Shirali, the green ‘nest’ in which Shri Chitrapur Math® is housed, is the main hub generating all activities of Parijnan Foundation® and the beneficiaries are its local residents, or natives of many of its surrounding villages.

The Foundation has been established to pay homage to and realize the dreams of an extraordinary visionary – His Holiness Parijnanashram Swamiji III – who was the 10th Spiritual Head of Shri Chitrapur Math®. While Parijnan Foundation® has a core group of four dedicated trustees with impeccable track records in their chosen professions, they work under the compassionate and vigilant guidance of His Holiness Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji – the 11th Spiritual Preceptor and Sole Trustee of Shri Chitrapur Math® and Shri Chitrapur Math Charitable Trust.

Parijnan Foundation® plans to provide a stimulating platform for the dissemination of knowledge, plus interaction among academicians, professionals and government agencies to impart education and vocational training in different streams.

Many village women, in and around Shirali, have already discovered the joys of an independent income and the enhanced self-respect that comes with it, thanks to the two thriving woman-empowerment projects already initiated by Parijan Foundation:

  • Samvit Sudha
  • Hand-made Paper Project

Our Impact
How Parijnan Foundation® has changed thousands of lives

Women deposit their monthly savings in their own bank account

Spare time at home now gets her an
extra income

Many quit their jobs in the cities and came back to the village to start a small family business

More and more happy faces as the rural women become Independent and Self-Reliant